Laurens van der Schoor-World Free Trade Zone (Hengqin) Summit

Laurens van der Schoor


Free Zones & Incentives, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (ICA Amsterdam)

Laurens van der Schoor – Profile

Laurens has a master degree in Economics & Business Geography and a bachelor degree in Human Geography and Urban Planning. His expertise focus is on free zones, incentives strategies and incentives maximization, developing customized incentives advice and performing comprehensive incentives benchmarks for both corporate and public sector (e.g. IPAs, EDOs) clients. In conjunction with the Vale Center of the Colombia University (US) and Utrecht University (The Netherlands) among others, Laurens has contributed to several academic publications on the efficiency and trends of investment incentives and the debate revolving around the implementation of business-attracting subsidies and regional economic competitiveness. Recently, he has co-published an article on area development, entitled “Well-Designed Incentives: Not a Zero-Sum Game”, which has addressed current trends and challenges in incentive programs.